Restrictions for the current version of text recognition

    The service is currently running with a number of restrictions. Please read them before you start working:

    • The recognition confidence value is only calculated for a line. The line's value is used both for words and for the recognized language.
    • A single language is indicated for all recognized words, although they are recognized in all the languages from the supported model. For example, if you specify ["en", " ar"] and the text has mostly English words, then all the words are marked as en, including those in Arabic.
    • For good recognition quality, text shouldn't be too slanted. Ideally, the angle should be less than 10-15 degrees.
    • The following is not recognized well:
      • Handwritten text.
      • Artistic fonts.
      • Vertical text (when a word is written from top to bottom).
      • Any set of letters and numbers, like a license plate number.
      • Forms where each character is typed in a separate cell.
      • Short words and numbers in table cells.
      • Very large text, for example, when one word takes up half of the image.

    What's next