Quotas and limits

    In the Yandex Virtual Private Cloud service, the following limitations apply:

    • Quotas are organizational restrictions that can be changed by technical support on request.
    • Limits are technical restrictions due to the Yandex.Cloud architecture specifics. The limits cannot be changed.

    You can view your current account quotas in the management console.


    Type of limit Value
    Number of cloud networks per cloud 2
    Number of subnets per cloud 6
    Number of static public IP addresses per cloud 2
    Number of route tables per cloud 8
    Number of static routes per cloud 256


    Type of limit Value
    Minimum CIDR size for a subnet /28
    Maximum CIDR size for a subnet /16
    Maximum number of simultaneous TCP/UDP connections per VM 50000

    Filtering outgoing traffic

    Yandex.Cloud always blocks outgoing traffic to TCP port 25:

    • To any servers on the internet other than Yandex.Mail servers.
    • To Yandex Compute Cloud VMs when accessed via a public IP address.

    Yandex.Cloud may open TCP port 25 by request via technical support if you comply with Acceptable Use Policy. Yandex.Cloud is entitled to block outgoing traffic on TCP port 25 if you violate the Use Policy.