Questions and answers about Virtual Private Cloud

    What is VPC?

    VPC (Yandex Virtual Private Cloud) is a way to connect and organize cloud resources using virtual networks.

    Which network technologies are available to Yandex.Cloud users?

    VPC allows you to assign internal and external IP addresses to VMs and create cloud networks and subnets.

    How do I create a cloud network?

    When you create a folder through the management console, the service will automatically create a network in it. You can also create a cloud network manually using the management console.

    How do I create a subnet?

    Subnets in the default folder will be created automatically. You can create additional subnets using the management console or CLI.

    What resources can be assigned IP addresses?

    Addresses can be assigned to VMs and ClickHouse, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL database clusters.

    How are IP addresses assigned to cloud resources?

    Public IP addresses are assigned to cloud resources automatically. You can assign internal addresses automatically or manually when creating a VM.

    How do I make a public IP address static?

    You can make a public IP address static using the IP addresses tab of the VPC service in the management console.

    What limitations apply when creating subnets?

    Subnets can only use private addresses from IPv4 ranges defined by RFC 1918.

    Does the service comply with the law No. 152-FZ of the Russian Federation On Personal Data?

    Yes. You can see the conlusion in the full audit report.