Terms of participation in the Yandex Cloud Boost loyalty program for developer companies

  1. Yandex Services AG (hereinafter referred to as “Yandex”) terms of participation in “Yandex Cloud Boost” loyalty Program (hereinafter referred to as the “Program”) is designed to draw and retain companies developing software and digital products on the Platform.

  2. You have already registered with our Platform and accepted the terms of the Yandex.Cloud Customer Agreement.
    If not, the acceptance of the Yandex.Cloud Customer Agreement is a precondition to the Program, and you shall accept these terms posted at https://yandex.com/legal/cloud_customer_agreement together with the acceptance of Program. The terms of the Yandex.Cloud Customer Agreement shall apply together with Program.

  3. Participation in the Program is available only for Customers who have registered Business account (hereinafter referred to as “Account”) on the Platform (hereinafter referred to as the “Participant”) and fulfil the criteria specified at https://cloud.yandex.com/en/cloud-boost and established in Clause 5.

  4. The full list of Program privileges is available to new Customers.

  5. A new Customer is considered:
    a. Customer with Account who has registered with the Platform for the first time; or
    b. registered Customer who has not used the Services of the Platform (on a paid basis or in a Trial Period) for the last Thirty-two (32) days.
    Yandex considers Customer’s application and approves it on a discretionary basis.
    A Customer who meets the criteria specified at https://cloud.yandex.com/en/cloud-boost but does not fall under the descriptions in Clause 5 may also become a Participant of the Program and gain access to all privileges, except for the privileges described in Clause 7.1. based on the discretionary approval of Yandex.

  6. The status of the Program Participant is provided by Yandex based on Yandex’s consideration of the Customer’s application submitted through the Site, provided that the Customer has registered Аccount on the Platform. Information about the decision taken following the results of consideration of the application by Yandex is sent by Yandex to the Customer’s email address specified when submitting the application through the Site or when registering on the Platform.

  7. Privileges of the Program for Participants:
    7.1. Extended Grant. The Participant is provided with an extended Grant — up to 40 000 USD. Grant validity period: up to Three hundred and sixty-five (365) calendar days. Grant consists of two parts:
    7.1.1. 10 000 USD: amount that can be spent to pay for infrastructure Services of Yandex as part of the Platform offerings: Compute Cloud, VPC, ObjectStorage, Network Load Balancer, Marketplace, DataSphere, SpeechKit, Translate, Vision, Monitoring;
    7.1.2. 30 000 USD: the amount can be spent to pay for the other Services with the exception of Services listed in Clause 7.1.1. and Yandex Cloud Interconnect*.
    7.2. Individual consultations provided by the architects of the Platform.
    7.2.1. The Participant is entitled to receive One (1) hour of consultation with an architect or engineer of the Platform per month on building a cloud architecture. The consultation type: online (Skype/Zoom/Telegram, etc.). The date and time of the consultation shall be agreed by a Yandex representative.
    7.2.2. The Participant is entitled to take part in regular group consultations (up to 15 people). The consultation type: online (Skype/Zoom/Telegram, etc.). Yandex sets the date and time of the consultation and notifies the Participant.
    7.3. The Participant is granted access to closed testing of new services of the Platform in Preview mode. Yandex notifies the Participant on ways the Participant can take part in the closed testing of new Services.

  8. Yandex has the right at any time to terminate or suspend the status of a Participant in the Program in case of violation by the Participant of the obligations established under the Yandex.Cloud Customer Agreement. Yandex notifies the Participant of the termination or suspension of the Participant status by sending a notification to the Participant’s email address specified in the Management Console with immediate effect.

  9. Yandex has the right to terminate the Program at any time. Such relevant information is posted on the Site in the Blog section and will be notified to Participant’s email address specified in the Management Console. Any specific orders made by the Participant and confirmed in a binding manner by Yandex to Participant under the Program (e.g. confirmed consulting session) before termination, will, however, remain valid and will be finished according to the agreed terms.
    Yandex has the right to change Program at any time and such change will be posted on the Site in the Blog section and will be notified to Participant’s email address specified in the Management Console. Should Participant not reply to such notification within twenty (20) business days from receiving the notification, this shall be deemed an acceptance on their part. If Participant does not agree with the changes to the Program, Participant may terminate its participation by sending a written notice of termination within twenty (20) business days from receiving the notification.
    For the avoidance of doubt, Yandex is always entitled to change technical features of its Services/Platform (including improvements) without the prior consent of the Participant.
    For the avoidance of doubt, in the event of termination, any unused Grants remaining on Participant’s account shall be considered forfeited and may not be used by Participant any further.

  10. The terms used in this document with a capital letter, unless otherwise explicitly follows from the document, have the meanings specified in the Yandex.Cloud Customer Agreement posted at: https://yandex.com/legal/cloud_customer_agreement.

✻ The full list of Services is provided at: https://cloud.yandex.com/en/services