Terms and conditions of the Computer Science and Education Promotion Program

Individual terms and conditions of the “Computer Science and Education Promotion Program” (hereinafter — the “Program”).

  1. The Program is organized by: Yandex.Cloud LLC, location: 16 Lev Tolstoy st., Office 528б Moscow, Russian Federation 119021.

  2. The objective of the program is: to support educational and research activities in data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence, popularization and dissemination of Yandex.Cloud technologies.

  3. The Program is to be conducted from February 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022.

  4. Participation in the Program is open to state budgetary or autonomous organizations of higher education with a valid license for educational activities in the Russian Federation (hereinafter — the “Institution”) and research institutes — state institutions established to organize scientific research and experimental development.

  5. Under the Program, a grant is provided to the account of an Institution that does not have a valid agreement with Yandex.Cloud (a valid agreement for the reserve of services in Yandex.Cloud).

  6. The Program provides a start-up grant of up to 100,000 rubles for computing resources in Yandex DataSphere.
    6.1. The exact amount of a starting grant within the limit (100,000 rubles) is determined by the Organizer individually.

  7. A grant awarded under the Program is required to be used within six months of the date it is credited to the account.

  8. After the Participant exhausts the start-up grant, the Organizer may invite the Participant to continue participation in the Program under the following conditions: 
    а) The Particiapnt starts using Yandex DataSphere on a paid basis.
    б) The Organizer gives the Participant a grant for 30 days, equal to the consumption of Yandex Cloud resources for the last month (30 or 31 days) up to the date before the end of the grant.
    8.1. The Organizer has the right to offer the Participant individual terms and conditions for participation in the program after the start-up grant is exhausted.

  9. The Organizer has the right to make changes in these Rules without prior notice, but with the mandatory publication of such changes in these Terms and Conditions of the Program. Changes will come into force from the date of their publication.