Yandex Cloud Mobile app

Manage your cloud resources quickly and easily from your smartphone.


Instantly pull up information on your resources in a secure environment without logging in to the site or console.


Monitor service statuses, receive notifications about approaching metric limits, and get alerts when resources go offline.

Push notifications

Get instant Push notifications from the monitoring system, technical support, and about payment statuses.

Technical support

Contact technical support from within the app chat’s function, send screenshots of errors, and promptly resolve any issues.

Service status

Easily check up-to-date information about service statuses, event history, and availability reports.


Stay up to date on the latest platform events, learn about new service launches, and see announcements for upcoming events.

What you can do in the app

Managed Kubernetes® clusters

Create Managed Services for Kubernetes® clusters, monitor their status, and view logs right from your mobile phone.

Tech support chat

Get answers to your questions about Yandex Cloud services by writing a message and attaching screenshots of the problem right in the app.

Resource status

View extensive information on resources and their operations, graphs on workload data from the monitoring system, and information about operations on resource pages.

Access data in Object Storage

Use the app to access your data in Object Storage buckets and monitor the service using graphs in dashboards.

Login via identity federation

Configure authentication in Yandex Cloud via your server with Single Sign-On. Identity federation support enables your users to access the app from a corporate account.

Manage finances

Use the app to monitor your account balance, add funds, and review expense breakdowns.