Yandex Cloud DNS

A service for administrating DNS resource records and maintaining DNS queries.

Fast responses

Cloud DNS is based on Yandex Cloud’s reliable, high-performance architecture. It optimizes DNS query routing, providing stable access with minimal delay and rapid record propogation.

Organizing different environments

Create public and internal DNS zones. Configure development, testing, and debugging environments, accessible only from the user’s virtual networks (VPC), using internal zones within a single project.

Management via the cloud

Cloud DNS is available in the Yandex Cloud console, API, CLI, and Terraform interfaces. Set convenient domain names for sites and apps in the cloud without maintaining your own DNS servers or additional software installations.

Getting started

Create and configure an internal DNS zone in the Yandex Cloud console.

Questions and answers

What is a DNS zone?

A DNS zone is a logical space with your resources' domain names. You manage their hierarchy and route users' DNS queries while granting or denying them access to data. One option is to build demo VMs in the testing zone and primary VMs in the production zone.

Get started with Cloud DNS