Yandex Managed Service for Redis

A service for managing fast in-memory Redis DBMS clusters in the Yandex Cloud infrastructure.

Optimal configuration

You can deploy a ready-to-use cluster in just a few minutes. DB settings are initially optimized for the cluster size you selected.

Easy scaling

If the load on your cluster increases, you can add new servers or increase their capacity in a matter of minutes.

Storage of any type of data

Redis stores data in key-value format. Supported values include strings, arrays, dictionaries, sets, bitmasks, and other types.

Fast query processing

Redis runs in RAM and is therefore suitable for tasks that require a quick response or involve performing a large number of operations on a relatively small amount of data.

Data security

Backups of database contents are GPG-encrypted. Data is secured in accordance with the requirements of local regulatory, GDPR, and ISO industry standards.

Customizable DB data cleanups

Set a time limit for Yandex Managed Service for Redis to automatically delete data and optimize your data storage costs.

Implement your projects using Yandex Managed Service for Redis

Caching requested data

If the number of requests to the service increases dramatically, you can select the blocks of structured data that are most in-demand, copy them to Redis, and redirect the greater part of user requests to the cache. This will reduce the load on the master database and speed up access to the data.

Ratings and real-time computing

Redis-based data storage is great for tasks where you need to process queries quickly and handle small amounts of data. For example, Redis has a set of special commands for creating ratings.

User authentication backend

User authentication and hashing are examples of processes that use small amounts of data for a large number of requests. Redis is great for these types of tasks.

We'll take care of most of database maintenance

Managed Service for Redis
Redis self‑installation
Data access control
VM deployment
Network configurations
OS and software installation
DBMS updates
Data replication setup
Data storage and hardware security
Integration with Yandex Cloud services
Monitoring tools

Independent control

Control on the Yandex Cloud side

How do I get started with Redis

To get started, go to the Yandex Cloud console and create a Redis database cluster.

You can set characteristics, choose a host class and storage size, and select the network to connect your cluster to as well as an availability zone.

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What are the characteristic features of Redis?

Redis is an open-source NoSQL database management system that works with key-value data structures. Used for databases, caching messages, and implementing message brokers.

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