Cloud solutions for the automotive industry

Yandex Cloud tools are tailored to meet the automotive industry’s current needs: accelerate the launch of new products, automate production processes, collect and analyze data, facilitate online vehicle purchases and monitor their performance remotely.

Implement cloud technology to leverage your company’s competitive edge, reduce costs, and provide customers with new opportunities.

Data storage and processing
Store any type and amount of data in Object Storage. Process data using ML solutions or use our managed databases to integrate payment systems and aggregate data from different sources.
Certificates and requirements
Yandex Cloud meets the requirements of 152-FZ (UZ-1 security level) and PCI DSS. The Yandex Cloud user authorization service has been independently audited under AICPA standards (SOC 2 and SOC 3).
Fault tolerance and scalability
Host your services in a resilient cloud infrastructure with three geographically distributed data centers. Flexibly scale your resources to match your business needs and connect new services.

We know how to solve your challenges

Yandex Cloud Connected Cars solution architecture

Monitoring the condition of a vehicle

Provide access to information about the performance of vehicle systems, analytical data about fuel consumption, routes, and driving style. Processing telematics data can reduce fleet maintenance costs, improve vehicle performance, and help predict breakdowns.

With Yandex Cloud tools, you can collect any amount of unstructured data, store it in a distributed database, and use ML technology to analyze and visualize it.

Run a free pilot project to try Yandex Cloud

The success of our partnerships is rooted in trust, so we use the Success Fee model for large businesses. To each our customer, we give the option to evaluate our platform under a pilot project. We conclude contracts only when our services and technologies have been proven feasible. We fix the pricing terms before the project kickoff, even in a long-term perspective of 1 or 3 years.