Yandex Cloud Security Solution Library

Yandex Cloud Security Solution Library will help you ensure the information security of your cloud environment, with the set of examples and recommendations available in our public repository on GitHub.

Use our scenarios and Security Checklist to reach compliance with various standards and regulatory requirements.

Key Security Solution Library tasks

Information security

Yandex Cloud Security Solution Library can help you meet regulatory requirements and ensure the security of your cloud environment. The library provides configuration protection guidelines, solutions for collecting, analyzing, and monitoring audit logs, implementation examples of Managed Service for Kubernetes® authentication and access control.

Risk management and mitigation

Detailed scenarios are available for each solution to identify and fix vulnerabilities with step-by-step video instructions, diagrams, and descriptions of how scripts work. This approach makes the Yandex Cloud Security Solution Library an additional tool for managing and reducing risks.

Yandex Cloud experience and expertise

The Yandex Cloud security team has prepared all the library solutions, based on customer needs and experience with more than 300 enterprises. Our expertise in cloud services will help you reduce labor costs as you build a secure infrastructure.

Solution use cases and architecture

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Collecting, monitoring, and analyzing audit logs in Managed Service for OpenSearch

Working with audit logs in Managed Service for OpenSearch

Set up the collection, monitoring, and analysis of audit logs from Audit Trails and Managed Service for Kubernetes®. Managed Service for OpenSearch automatically deploys the appropriate cluster in the cloud infrastructure, uploads detection and parsing rules and dashboards, and lets you select an alert channel. This helps you monitor and quickly respond to Yandex Cloud security events.

Security Checklist

A checklist of mandatory security actions and practices for user self-monitoring in Yandex Cloud. Yandex Cloud Security Checklist contains step-by-step instructions for building network security, user authentication, access and key management, data encryption, protection against malicious code, vulnerability management, and other recommendations for creating a secure infrastructure.

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