Chatbots in a serverless architecture

The Yandex Cloud serverless ecosystem provides a full set of managed services for developing and launching chatbots in instant messaging apps popular for businesses like Slack, Telegram, Discord, etc.

The infrastructure’s automatic scaling and high fault-tolerance will help your chatbots cope with any chaotic load and run failure-free even under peak loads.

What makes Yandex Cloud the right choice?

Documentation and support
Create chatbots in our serverless ecosystem using detailed documentation, step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, and support from the developer community.
Automatic scaling
Serverless services provide chatbot developers with an automatically scalable environment that can cope with any load, even chaotic and uncontrolled ones.
Only pay for resources used
Only pay for function calls and data stored in serverless mode: the fewer requests sent, the lower the cost. Free tier for 1 million operations and special prices for the first year of use.
Full stack of components
Use all the necessary components within the same platform and technology to create your chatbots. Cloud Functions for the code, Yandex Database for data, Object Storage for files, API Gateway for integration, etc.
High availability and security
The serverless computing infrastructure is located in three geographically distributed data centers and is compliant with Russian Federal Law № 152-FZ, GDPR, ISO, and PCI DSS. Store and process your chatbot users' personal data in compliance with Russian law.
Managed services
Use Yandex Cloud managed services: upload the function code, create a DB cluster, and launch your chatbot’s operation. We’ll take care of server management, administration, software updates, and integration.

Solution architecture

The serverless computing architecture lets you completely replace traditional components used for creating and running chatbots with serverless services.

You can transfer your entire project or its components, such as a database or object storage, to the serverless ecosystem.

Try it out

Slack bot
Develop a Slack bot for executing commands in a chat and responding to messages.
Skills for Alice
Create a skill for the Yandex voice assistant in Python or Node.js.
Telegram bot
Develop a Telegram bot that responds to chat messages.
Our partners will create an IT project to meet your needs. They’ll cover every stage of the process: design the architecture, suggest technologies, calculate costs, and develop and support the solution.
B-152: Protecting personal data and bringing business processes into compliance with Federal Law № 152-FZ and GDPR.
Informzaschita: A leading system integrator in the field of information security.
InCountry: Providing and maintaining corporate infrastructure solutions.
CardSecurity: Physical and document security of financial, payment, and personal data.