Yandex Cloud Solution Library for AWS

Yandex Cloud Solution Library for AWS is a collection of examples and recommendations to help companies use both platforms, choose an appropriate architecture, and deploy projects in both clouds. Below you can find the most common cases for developing a project architecture.

The library was packaged and published as a public GitHub repository.

Yandex Cloud Solution Library for AWS helps

International companies in the Russian market

Store Russian users' personal data in Russia on the Yandex Cloud infrastructure and fully comply with local PII law.

Russian companies in the international market

Deploy projects on Amazon Web Services and be closer to your users abroad. Minimize latency and deliver content faster and more efficiently.

Project demanding increased fault tolerance and resilience

Take advantage of both platforms to ensure maximum reliability for your applications and quickly recover from backups in the other cloud.

Use cases and solution architecture

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Website with dependent databases or centralized database

Collect and store data for a website or web service

Set up centralized data collection from a website hosted in AWS and Yandex Cloud for further analysis and processing.


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