UserGate NGFW

UserGate is the comprehensive network gateway which implements the Unified Threat Management and features the built-in firewall, routing, gateway anti-virus tool, intrusion detection and prevention system (IPS), VPN server, content filtering system, monitoring and statistics, and many more. This product provides everything you may need for efficient network management, traffic optimization and prevention of cyber-attacks.

Billing type
Hourly (Pay as you go)
Network infrastructure
Use cases
  • Network security and protection from network threats
    • Next Generation Firewall
    • Intrusion detection and prevention
    • Protection from DOS attacks and network flooding
    • Interaction with 3rd party security systems (SIEM, DLP and etc.)
    • Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response
  • Improvements in network performance and reliability
    • High Availability and Clustering
    • Support of redundant channels
    • Traffic shaper
  • Traffic management and Internet access control
    • Traffic routing and publication of resources
    • User authentication
    • Support of the guest portal
    • Proxy agent for Windows
  • Content filtering and application control
    • Internet filtering
    • Selective ad blocking
  • Safe search
    • Access control for social media
    • Code injection for web pages
    • Inspection of the SSL traffic
    • VPN and WEB PORTAL
  • Logs and Reports
  • Other functions
    • Role-based management
    • Monitoring and notifications
    • Network interfaces
    • DNS filtering
    • Load balancer
Technical support

UserGate provides technical support for customers with a valid commercial license. Please reach out to our support team at If you are contacting UserGate support for the first time, please register at During registration please fill “Your Company” field with “Company name»/Yandex.Cloud/Billing account ID which was used to purchase a license.

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Billing type
Hourly (Pay as you go)
Network infrastructure