Audience: interests and social demography data

Updated 21 сентября 2020 г.

Geo layers with audience analytics: interests, gender, age, and income categories. They take into account regular coordinates of Yandex users for the past 45 days. Based on Yandex.Audience and Crypta technologies.
For each user, TOP-10 locations (such as work, home, or shopping center) are analyzed in terms of the time spent there and then aggregations for polygons are calculated based on all users' locations. New data carries great weight in calculations.

Social demographics:

  • Gender
  • Age category
  • Income category

List of audience interests to display on map:

  • Vehicles: Cars, maintenance, accessories, and driving lessons.
  • Business: Opening a business or services for running a business.
  • Finance: Financial services for individuals and businesses, investments.
  • Construction, furnishing, and renovation: Construction, improvement, and renovation of a house, apartment, or cottage area.
  • Grocery delivery: Delivery of groceries.
  • Food and drinks: Delivery of food and drinks, ready-to-eat food.
  • Healthy food: Diet and health food.
  • Beauty and health: Body, face, and hair care.
  • Residential property: Purchase of residential property.
  • Suburban property: Purchase of suburban property.
  • Home appliances: Appliances for your home or kitchen, beauty and health.
  • Decor: Paintings, frames, and photo albums.
  • Clothing, footwear, and accessories: Clothes, shoes, and accessories.
  • Make purchases on the internet: Purchases in online stores.
  • Children’s products: Children’s clothing, footwear, books, movies, foods, prams, and home goods.
  • Electronics: Audio, video, and photo equipment, computers, mobiles, smartphones, and other equipment.
  • Bars: Going to bars.
  • Hookah: Going to hookah lounges.
  • Cafes: Going to cafes.
  • Cinema: Going to the movies.
  • Coffee shops: Going to coffee shops.
  • Night clubs: Going to night clubs.
  • Pizzerias: Going to pizzerias.
  • Restaurants: Going to restaurants.
  • Japanese cuisine: Going to sushi bars, cafes, and restaurants with Japanese cuisine.
  • Higher education: Attending universities and colleges.
  • Family and children: Prenatal care and childbirth, weddings, baby products, babysitting services.
  • Bicyclists: Visiting thematic websites for bicyclists at least two days in the past month, search in the browser for accessories or information about bike repairs, purchasing bikes or accessories, installing specialized apps.
  • Hiking and sports tourism: Tourist clubs, sports tourism, hiking, and mountain hiking.
  • Sports: Various sports, sports championships, sporting goods, and memorabilia.
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Use cases
  • Developing a marketing strategy.
  • Opening new outlets.
  • Developing your business.
  • Expanding the delivery/service area.
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