Yandex Application Load Balancer

A service for distributing incoming traffic between different web app components.

Managing HTTP traffic

Application Load Balancer runs on OSI Layer 7, and helps use HTTP request attributes to distribute traffic and form or modify HTTP responses.

Transmission security

The service processes TLS traffic and can be used with Certificate Manager to conveniently store your TLS certificates for added security.


All requests to your apps are recorded, and you can analyze events in the load balancer’s access logs.

Implement your projects using Application Load Balancer

Building microservice architectures

Simplify your traffic transmission infrastructure for building microservice architectures. Use Application Load Balancer to easily set up rules for transmitting HTTP traffic to different apps.

Deploying apps

Smoothly transfer loads between different app versions, implement canary and blue‑green deployment scenarios, and conduct experiments for different user groups.

Virtual Hosting

Assign different certificates for different domains on the same load balancer using the TLS SNI mechanism. Specify SNI handlers for specific domains, select the appropriate certificates in Certificate Manager, and send the handlers to specific HTTP routers that describe different domains' routes.

Questions and answers

How can I improve my service’s reliability?

Create your resources in multiple availability zones

Distribute your cloud resources to multiple geographically distributed availability zones, and maintain your applications' availability even if one of the zones becomes unavailable.

Use different load balancers for different applications

If you use the Yandex Cloud infrastructure to deploy multiple applications, configure L4 and L7 load balancers to service them.

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