Yandex Virtual Private Cloud

A service for managing cloud networks that transfer information across Yandex Cloud resources
and provide them with internet access.

Network connectivity

Cloud-based websites and applications open faster thanks to Yandex data centers' superb network connectivity internally, with each other, and the internet.

Advanced addressing

You can choose internal IP addresses from private ranges. You can also easily reassign public IPs from one VM to another.

Logical isolation

The data exchange between your resources, including VMs, storage, and databases, is isolated from the traffic of other Yandex Cloud clients.

Security groupsPreview

Isolate unwanted traffic, segment your network infrastructure, and flexibly configure rules for receiving and transmitting traffic using the security groups.

Traffic routing

Route traffic to selected IP address ranges to pre-configured virtual machines, such as an IPSec instance or a NAT instance, using static route tables.

Network interaction map

Use a network interaction map to visualize virtual connections between Yandex Cloud resources and better understand your organization’s cloud topology.

Getting started

Create a cloud network and subnets in all availability zones.


Which network technologies are available to Yandex Cloud users?

Virtual Private Cloud lets you assign internal and external IP addresses to VMs, create cloud networks and subnets, and configure static routes.

Get started with Virtual Private Cloud