Yandex Wiki

A free service for creating a corporate knowledge hub.

Create wiki pages, add content, and edit them along with your colleagues.

Create a knowledge base

Keep project descriptions, instructions, and other information in Wiki. Organize hierarchies of nested pages and link them with cross-references.

Save time searching for information

Search all the pages of your knowledge base and quickly find the answers you need.

Design your pages

Format texts and add drawings, tables and links using Markdown. Use headings and cuts to draw attention to what’s most important.

Manage access

Grant access to all your employees, restrict the editing of specific pages, or prohibit the viewing of confidential information.

Track changes

All page edits are saved in the changelog, and you are notified of any changes to pages you subscribe to.

Add tasks and forms

Add tasks lists from Yandex Tracker — task names and assignees update automatically. Embed request and survey forms from Yandex Forms.

Keep your project plan on Yandex Wiki

Store a full project description and add task lists from Yandex Tracker.

What else can Yandex Wiki do?

In-house knowledge base

Build a knowledge base for your entire team and collaborate with your colleagues to fill it with everything you need.

Corporate portal

Create an easy-to-use company portal for your employees. Bring together important information, links, contacts, and request forms.

Instructions for work processes

Keep instructions for internal processes on Yandex Wiki. Embed Yandex.Forms to create tasks in Yandex Tracker directly from the Yandex Wiki page.


How do I start using Yandex Wiki?

Yandex Wiki is a free service that allows you to build your own knowledge base. To use Yandex Wiki, just log in to your account:

  • If you are a Yandex Cloud Organization user, log in to your work account. Yandex Wiki will be activated for your organization and you’ll be able to create and edit pages right away.
  • If you are not a Yandex Cloud Organization user yet, log in to your Yandex account. A new organization will be created automatically for you and you can start using Yandex Wiki.

Start using Yandex Wiki