Yandex DDoS Protection

A component of the Yandex Virtual Private Cloud service designed to protect against DDoS attacks
for applications located in the Yandex.Cloud infrastructure.
Yandex DDoS Protection is provided in partnership with Qrator Labs.
  • Easy setup
    You can enable Yandex DDoS Protection when creating your virtual machines or load balancers. All you need to do is turn on the protection option when creating a virtual machine or reserving a public IP address.
  • Built-in traffic scanning
    All incoming traffic on protected resources passes through filtration nodes for analysis, regardless of whether an attack is underway. Yandex DDoS Protection automatically blocks or allows traffic on OSI layers 2 and 3, and also protects against SYN flood attacks. The filtered traffic is redirected to the protected resource.
  • Rapid detection
    Continuous monitoring is used to determine the normal traffic profile for each resource. A DDoS attack can be detected almost immediately, without the user’s intervention.
  • Transparent pricing
    You don’t need to worry about restricted bandwidth for malicious and legitimate traffic, or limits on the amount of filtered traffic. You only pay for incoming traffic that is allowed to pass to the resource.

Use cases

  • A DDoS attack can make web services and public APIs very slow to respond, or even completely unavailable. Yandex DDoS Protection inspects traffic using a set of signatures, detection algorithms, and other analysis methods, and automatically filters incoming traffic for protected services.

  • UDP-based and SIP-based applications usually run on virtual machines with a public IP address. Yandex DDoS Protection protects these virtual machines from DDoS attacks on OSI layers 2 and 3, including protection from UDP flood, DNS amplification, and UDP reflection attacks.

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