Yandex Cloud Interconnect

Ensure network security and stability by creating dedicated network connections between your local infrastructure and Yandex.Cloud.
With Yandex Cloud Interconnect, you get higher bandwidth and lower latency comparing to standard internet connections.
  • Speed
    Yandex Cloud Interconnect allows to create dedicated 10 Gbit/s network connections and combine multiple connections for higher bandwidth. Use partner services to make connecting to the cloud even easier.
  • Reliability
    Data transfers over public internet connections are subject to random routes changes and don’t have guaranteed performance. By sending data over Yandex Cloud Interconnect instead of the internet, your transfers are more stable, reliable, and secure.
  • Flexibility
    Yandex Cloud Interconnect seamlessly expands your infrastructure by combining it with Yandex.Cloud data centers using high-performance dedicated network connections.
  • Private connections
    Create multiple private dedicated network connections between your local network and Yandex Virtual Private Cloud over Yandex Cloud Interconnect.

Ways to set up a private network connection

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