Yandex Managed Service for ClickHouse

Helps you deploy and maintain database clusters based on the ClickHouse DBMS in the Yandex.Cloud infrastructure.

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  • Fully managed ZooKeeper service

    ClickHouse in Yandex.Cloud integrates on its own with a dedicated installation of the Apache Zookeeper service, which provides replication functions in this DBMS. Most actions for ZooKeeper management will run automatically.

  • Choice of storage type

    It is easy to choose the data storage type for each cluster individually. We provide two options: network and local storage. The first option is more reliable and flexible, while the second one provides faster speeds.

  • Easy to maintain

    Yandex.Cloud takes care of maintaining the databases and updating the DBMS to the latest versions. At the same time, you can easily configure the databases, restore them from backups, view logs, and use charts to monitor key performance indicators.

  • Replicas in different availability zones

    If necessary, you can create cluster hosts in different availability zones. Data replication between ClickHouse hosts is performed automatically and asynchronously. Even with multiple replicas, the system remains transparent and easy to use: you can write and read data from any host in the cluster.

  • Encryption and isolation

    In Yandex Managed Service for ClickHouse all DBMS connections and backups of the database contents are encrypted. Connections are secured via TLS. Public-key encryption is used for backups. Moreover, the databases of different Yandex.Cloud customers are completely isolated from each other. The databases do not use any shared components, so no one else can access the data you have uploaded.

  • Fast data processing

    Yandex Managed Service for ClickHouse uses fast NVMe-enabled solid-state drives. The result is that you can expect high performance even when handling large amounts of data.

Use cases

  • You can track incidents in your service via instant requests and immediately see changes in metrics like error rate, user response time, and others. Just set up a regular upload of large data packages to ClickHouse. We recommend that you send more than a thousand rows at a time.

  • ClickHouse provides a convenient way to aggregate information that you collect through various systems, including distributed ones. Your experts will be able to quickly visualize data, customize dashboards to meet their needs, and analyze service events and business processes in real time.

  • ClickHouse is designed primarily for analyzing flows of clean, structured, and fixed events and logging results. Examples of where these types of flows occur:
    - Web project and mobile app analyitcs
    - Advertising networks and RTB
    - Telecommunications
    - E-commerce and finance
    - Information security
    - Business analytics
    - Online games
    - Internet of Things

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