Yandex Managed Service for Kubernetes®

An environment for easily, reliably, and securely managing Kubernetes clusters in the Yandex.Cloud infrastructure.
Enables you to automate processes for managing, scaling, editing, updating, and deleting containers.
  • Yandex Container Registry integration
    Yandex Managed Service for Kubernetes supports the Docker container format. Connect to your repository in Yandex Container Registry and store Docker images near the infrastructure. This ensures fast uploads and lets you save on external traffic.
  • Common tools for working with clusters
    Manage Kubernetes clusters using popular tools and extensions, like kubectl, or Helm, Draft, and Brigade to automate application delivery processes.
  • Easy to maintain
    Yandex Managed Service for Kubernetes monitors cluster health and restores master when necessary. Just add node groups in your preferred availability zones to Kubernetes clusters. You can easily update the cluster version or enable auto-update from the management console in just one click.
  • Secure infrastructure
    All master-node interactions are automatically encrypted using the TLS protocol. For security, you can create private clusters not accessible from the internet. This allows to run containerized applications in an isolated environment.
  • High Availability
    When you create a cluster with a regional master, it ensures its high availability — master is automatically replicated in three Yandex.Cloud availability zones. This configuration eliminates the single point of failure, so the cluster stays healthy even if one of the masters goes offline.

Use cases

  • The microservice architecture breaks applications up into small, independent, and easily changeable services. Containers are perfect for running small, loosely coupled services.
    With Yandex Managed Service for Kubernetes, you can run containerized microservice applications in the Yandex.Cloud infrastructure and access all Kubernetes features and popular open-source tools.

  • Containerize your existing applications and migrate them to Yandex.Cloud without code refactoring or developing additional tools.

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