Yandex Managed Service for PostgreSQL

Helps you deploy and maintain database clusters based on the PostgreSQL DBMS in the Yandex.Cloud infrastructure.
The Yandex.Cloud infrastructure is protected in accordance with Federal Law No. 152.
Run cluster hosts
on 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Gold Processors.
  • Restore to any point in a time interval
    PostgreSQL database snapshots are created continuously. With Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR), you can restore the database to any point in time during the last seven days.
  • Replicas in different availability zones
    If necessary, you can create cluster hosts in different availability zones. Automatic replication ensures that consistent copies of data are created on the hosts.
  • Different replication topologies
    With the Yandex Managed Service for PostgreSQL you can easily create replicas that will be automatically used for recovery in the event of failures, as well as read replicas of specified hosts. This allows you to build custom replication topologies, including cascading replication. You can control the location of the master host in the cluster by managing the priorities of the replicas. It is also easy to set up time-delayed replicas which do not take into account the latest changes to the database.
  • Choice of storage type
    It is easy to choose the data storage type for each cluster individually. We provide two options: network and local storage. The first option is more reliable and flexible, while the second one enables higher speed.
  • Easy to maintain
    Yandex.Cloud takes care of maintaining the databases and updating the DBMS to the latest versions. At the same time, you can easily configure the databases, restore them from backups, view logs, and use charts to monitor key performance indicators.
  • Encryption and isolation
    In Yandex Managed Service for PostgreSQL all DBMS connections and backups of the database contents are encrypted using the TLS protocol and GPG software, respectively. Moreover, the databases of different Yandex.Cloud customers are completely isolated from each other. The databases do not use any shared components, so no one else can access the data you have uploaded.
  • Fast data processing
    Yandex Managed Service for PostgreSQL uses fast NVMe-enabled solid-state drives. The result is that you can expect high performance even when handling large amounts of data.

Use cases

  • PostgreSQL is one of the few open source databases that are perfect for storing and processing critical information that is used in payment systems. This is due to the excellent storage reliability of PostgreSQL.

  • The absolute majority of modern web frameworks are highly compatible with PostgreSQL. This makes it easier to develop and administer a website. High availability is also important in web projects, and one of the best ways to ensure it is to use replication tools. In the cloud version of PostgreSQL, such tools are integrated in the service and are set up quickly and easily.

  • A large number of extensions have been developed for PostgreSQL to enable storage and indexing of complex data structures. Many of them are supported by Yandex Managed Service for PostgreSQL.

  • Support of various data types and indexing by PostgreSQL, as well as the PostGIS extension, provide a lot of features for working with geodata that are not available in other databases.

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