Yandex Managed Databases

Deploy and maintain databases within the Yandex.Cloud infrastructure. Create clusters based on any of the following database management systems: ClickHouse, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB.


  • Focus on your key tasks

    Yandex.Cloud takes care of maintaining the databases and updating them to the latest versions. At the same time, you can easily configure the databases, restore them from backup copies, view logs, and use charts to monitor key performance indicators.

  • Replicas in different availability zones

    If needed, you can easily enable data replication in your database. Any changes that are made to the database are copied to the replicas, including those in different availability zones. You can choose which type of replication to use: synchronous or asynchronous.

  • Encryption and isolation

    All DBMS connections and backup copies of the database contents are encrypted using the TLS protocol and GPG software, respectively. Moreover, the databases of different Yandex.Cloud customers are completely isolated from each other. The databases do not use any shared components, so no one else can access the data you have uploaded.

  • Fast data processing

    Yandex Managed Databases use fast NVMe-enabled solid-state drives. The result is that you can expect high performance even when handling large amounts of data.

Select a DBMS to see matching use cases

  • — Real-time analytics
    — Internet of things
    — Time series data processing and storage
    — Data monitoring and visualization

  • — Billing services and financial systems
    — Websites
    — Classical ERP systems
    — Location-based services

  • — Service prototypes
    — Catalogs and other systems to display semi-structured data
    — Mobile applications

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