Yandex Monitoring

Collect resource status metrics and analyze them with data visualization.
With this data, you can optimize the operation of your services and determine the necessary computing resources. Also, by collecting metrics on one dashboard, you can monitor the application and quickly identify the root cause of a malfunction.
  • Automatic collection of metrics
    You don’t need to configure anything — Yandex Monitoring automatically collects metrics from your cloud resources. For instance, you can track CPU load, memory usage, and disk usage for virtual machines.
  • Service dashboards
    Yandex Monitoring provides preconfigured dashboards for Yandex.Cloud services. Among other things, you can use them to assess the sufficiency of virtual machine resources for your web service.
  • Custom charts and dashboards
    You can create a single chart based on the metrics you need for a specific purpose, or combine all your application’s metrics on a dashboard.
  • All your metrics in one place
    Use a single dashboard to combine information from various folders and clouds that you have access to, and monitor the state of your entire cloud infrastructure at a glance.
  • API for data export
    Use the Yandex Monitoring API to export your cloud resource metrics. Then add the data to your corporate monitoring system for visualization and track your cloud and on-premise infrastructures in the same place.
  • Push custom metrics
    You can push custom metrics to Yandex Monitoring from applications installed in the cloud or in your local data center. Then collect all the information about your infrastructure on the same dashboard.
  • Alerts and notifications
    Using alerts you can set thresholds for metrics and receive notifications via email or SMS when those thresholds are reached. Alerts allow you to monitor changes in your cloud infrastructure in real time.

Use cases

  • Create dashboards with metrics from both the cloud infrastructure and your applications to uncover correlations between various metrics and identify the root cause of a malfunction.

  • Analyze pre-configured dashboards to assess the load on your cloud infrastructure and plan resources accordingly. For example, you can allocate additional resources for a database cluster, change the size of an instance group, or increase disk size.

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