Yandex Object Storage

Universal, scalable solution for data storage. The perfect choice both for high-load services, which require reliable and fast access to data, and projects with minimum requirements for storage infrastructure.
The Yandex.Cloud infrastructure is protected in accordance with Federal Law No. 152.
  • Flexible space adapts as needed
    Yandex Object Storage provides as much space as the project actually uses. Storage is expanded as needed, without any additional effort on your part.
  • Reliable storage
    The data you upload to the object storage is stored as multiple copies in geographically distributed availability zones. All of this data is replicated: each replica changes when objects are edited, created or deleted.
  • Standard and cold storage
    There are two classes of Yandex Object Storage. The standard storage is designed for frequently accessed data, while the cold storage is designed for data rarely accessed by you (or your users). 1 GB of standard or cold storage costs 1.24 or 0.66 roubles, respectively.
  • Convenient control
    To exchange data with Yandex Object Storage, you can use the same tools as for Amazon S3: HTTP and REST API, console-based and graphical client, as well as Java and Python SDK.

Use cases

  • Keep your website source code and data in Yandex Object Storage, and the storage architecture will ensure high speeds for animation and webpage loading.

  • The object structure is tailored to music, video, and images (i.e., for unstructured data). If you are running a multimedia service, Yandex Object Storage is the appropriate solution for you. The same is true for any service that needs backup copies: they are always available, thanks to data replication.

  • To improve the quality of products and services using machine learning, usually you need to create training sets. This typically involves historical business data, which is used to create the initial version of the algorithm and then also to develop it. The results directly depend on the size of your data set: the object-based structure allows you to store any amount of statistics, regardless of your business type.

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