Preemptible VMs

Preemptible virtual machines use computing resources in Yandex.Cloud at a lower price. You can choose this option when creating a VM. Preemptible VM instances are terminated at least once every 24 hours. Stopped instances can be restarted without data loss.


Preemptible instances may be terminated at any time.

Preemptible instances are cheaper than standard virtual machines, but they don't ensure fault tolerance. To get more information about preemptible VM prices, see Preemptible VM computing resources.

To create a preemptible VM, follow the instructions.


Preemptible instances run like regular VMs, but they have the following restrictions:

  • There are no SLA obligations.
  • A preemptible instance can terminate at any time. The probability of termination is low, but it varies depending on the day and the availability zone.
  • A preemptible instance cannot be turned into a standard VM and vice versa.
  • A preemptible instance always terminates within 24 hours.