Yandex Compute Cloud provides various types of physical processors. Choosing a platform guarantees the type of physical processor in the data center and determines the set of valid vCPU and RAM configurations. You can also add a graphics accelerator (GPU) to a VM. You must choose a platform when creating each VM.

Standard platforms

Platform Processor Maximum number of cores (vCPUs)
per VM
CPU base
clock rate (GHz)
Intel Broadwell
Intel Xeon Processor E5-2660 v4 32 2.00
Intel Cascade Lake
Intel Xeon Gold 6230 64 2.10

Platforms with GPUs

Platform Graphics
Processor Characteristics
Intel Broadwell with
NVIDIA Tesla V100
NVIDIA Tesla V100 Intel Xeon
Processor E5-2660 v4
Maximum number of GPUs per VM: 4
Number of vCPUs per GPU: 8
RAM per GPU: 96 GB

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