Graphics accelerators (GPUs)

Yandex Compute Cloud provides graphics accelerators (GPUs) as part of graphics cards. GPUs outperform vCPUs in processing certain types of data and can be used for complex computing.

Compute Cloud uses NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs with 32 GB HBM2.

The NVIDIA Tesla V100 graphics card contains 5120 CUDA cores that perform high performance computing (HPC), and 640 Tensor cores for deep learning (DL) tasks.

Graphics accelerators are also suitable for machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and 3D rendering tasks.

You can control a GPU and RAM directly from your VM.

VM configurations

Available VM configurations GPUs on Intel Broadwell with NVIDIA Tesla V100:

Number of GPUs Number of vCPUs RAM
1 8 96 GB
2 16 192 GB
4 32 384 GB

For more information about VM organizational and technical limits, see Quotas and limits.

OS images

For VMs with GPUs, special images of Windows (2016 Datacenter GPU, windows-2016-gvlk-gpu) and Ubuntu (16.04 lts GPU, ubuntu-1604-lts-gpu) are available with NVIDIA drivers installed. To use other images, install the necessary drivers on your own.

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