Quotas and limits

    In the Yandex Compute Cloud service, the following limitations apply:

    • Quotas are organizational restrictions that can be changed by technical support on request.
    • Limits are technical restrictions due to the Yandex.Cloud architecture specifics. The limits cannot be changed.


    Type of limit Value
    Number of virtual machines per cloud 8
    Total number of vCPUs for all VMs per cloud 8
    Total virtual memory for all VMs per cloud 64 GB
    Total number of disks per cloud 32
    Total disk storage capacity per cloud 200 GB
    Total number of disk snapshots per cloud 32
    Total storage capacity of all disk snapshots per cloud 400 GB
    Number of images per cloud 8
    Number of groups per cloud 10


    Type of limit Value
    Maximum number of vCPUs per VM 32/48 for standard-v1/standard-v2 platforms
    Maximum virtual memory per VM 256/384 GB for standard-v1/standard-v2 platforms
    Maximum number of disks connected to a single VM 6
    Maximum disk size 4 TB
    Maximum disk snapshot size 4 TB