Creating a Docker image

    The instructions describe how to build a Docker image from a Dockerfile and how to assemble it.

    1. Create a file named Dockerfile and add the following lines to it:

      FROM ubuntu:latest
      CMD echo "Hi, I'm inside"

      The described Docker image is based on Ubuntu and will execute one simple command.

    2. Assemble the Docker image. As a <registry ID>, use the ID received when creating the registry.

      $ docker build . \
      -t<registry ID>/ubuntu:hello

      The -t flag is optional: a Docker image can be assembled without any tag. In this case, the Docker CLI will assign the default label: latest.

    After running these commands, the Docker image will be created with the following parameters:

    • Full address of the repository consisting of:
      • Address of Yandex Container Registry
      • ID of your registry <registry ID>.
      • Name of your ubuntu repository.
    • Docker image tag in your repository: hello.