Type conversion functions


    FLOAT( expression )


    Converts the expression expression to fractional number format according to the following rules:

    Type Value
    Number Original value
    Date | Datetime Unix time corresponding to the date and time. If the value contains time zone data, it's used in the calculation. If the time zone is unknown, the time is set in UTC
    String A number from a decimal string
    Boolean TRUE — 1.0, FALSE — 0.0

    Argument types:

    • expressionBoolean | Date | Datetime | Number | String

    Return type: Number (decimal)


    FLOAT(7) = 7.0
    FLOAT("34.567") = 34.567
    FLOAT(TRUE) = 1.0

    Data source support

    Materialized Dataset, ClickHouse 1.1, Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (14.0), MySQL 5.6, PostgreSQL 9.3