Creating a registry

    If you don't have the Yandex.Cloud command line interface yet, install it.

    The folder specified in the CLI profile is used by default. You can specify a different folder using the --folder-name or --folder-id parameter.

    1. Create a registry:

      $ yc iot registry create --name my-registry
       id: b91ki3851hab9m0l68je
       folder_id: aoek49ghmknnpj1ll45e
       created_at: "2019-05-28T11:29:42.420Z"
       name: my-registry
      • The name must be unique within the folder.
      • The name may contain lowercase Latin letters, numbers, and hyphens.
      • The first character must be a letter. The last character can't be a hyphen.
      • The maximum length of the name is 63 characters.
    2. Make sure the registry was created:

      $ yc iot registry list
       |          ID          |    NAME     |
       | b91ki3851hab9m0l68je | my-registry |