A message of Message Queue.

    Parameter Type Required parameter Description
    Attribute.N array No Set of attributes specified in the ReceiveMessage action. Supported attributes: ApproximateReceiveCount, ApproximateFirstReceiveTimestamp, MessageDeduplicationId, MessageGroupId, SenderId, SentTimestamp, and SequenceNumber.
    Body string No Message body.
    MD5OfBody string No The MD5 digest of the message body.
    MD5OfMessageAttributes string No The MD5 digest of message attributes.
    MessageAttribute array No MessageAttributeValue array that contains your custom message attributes: name, type, and value.
    MessageId string No Unique message ID.
    ReceiptHandle string No ID of message receipt. Each time a message is received, it is assigned a new receipt ID. When deleting a message, use the latest receipt ID.