Switch clouds

    1. Click on the name of the current folder in the upper-right corner.


    2. Choose the cloud or folder you want to switch to.

    There are two ways to choose the cloud that is used in the CLI by default:

    • Select a cloud when creating a profile.
    • Change the cloud-id parameter in the profile configuration.

    To change the cloud-id parameter for the current profile:

    1. See the description of the command to change configuration parameters:

      $ yc config set --help
    2. Find out the ID of the cloud you want to use. To do this, get a list of available clouds:

      $ yc resource-manager cloud list
      |          ID          |         NAME         |          DESCRIPTION          |
      | b1gg8sgd16g7qch5onqs | cloud-b1gg8sgd1g23qc | ...                           |
      | b1gjqgj3hhvjen5iqakp | cloud-b1gjqgj3hhvjen | ...                           |


      If the list contains only one cloud, it means you don't have access to any other clouds. To access the desired cloud, ask the cloud owner to add you to it.

    3. Specify the ID of the cloud to be used by default:

      $ yc config set cloud-id b1gjqgj3hhvjen5iqakp