Getting started with Yandex Resource Manager

    When a user registers with Yandex.Cloud, a cloud is created for the user. The cloud is a separate workspace with this user as the owner.


    Currently, users are not allowed to create clouds themselves.

    The owner can create folders and resources in this cloud, and manage access rights to them.

    1. To create your first folder in the cloud:

      1. On the management console home page, click Create folder.

      2. Enter the folder name.

        The name may contain lowercase Latin letters, numbers, and hyphens. The first character must be a letter. The last character can't be a hyphen. The length of the name must be from 3 to 63 characters.

      3. Click Create folder.

    2. Grant users access to the folder you have created:

      1. Open the Access management page for the selected cloud. If necessary, switch to another cloud.

      2. In the line with the appropriate user name, click Configure roles.
      3. Make sure that the user has one of the following roles for the cloud: resource-manager.clouds.member or resource-manager.clouds.owner.
      4. Select a folder in Roles in folders and click Assign role.
      5. Select a role from the list. For example, grant the user access to create resources in the folder by assigning the role of editor.


    When a new user is created in the cloud, they are automatically assigned the role of a resource-manager.clouds.member for this cloud. This role is necessary for the user to access resources in the cloud. The role of resource-manager.clouds.member is used in combination with other roles, such as admin, editor or viewer role. For more information about roles, see the Roles section.