Pricing for Vision


Currency of Service rates (prices) depends on the company you made a contract with:

  • prices in US dollars are applicable to customers of Yandex Services AG,
  • prices in Russian roubles are applicable to customers of Yandex.Cloud LLC.

What goes into the cost of using Vision

The Vision service provides a set of features for image analysis.

Each successful image analysis performed using any feature is charged as a single unit:

  • If your request contains multiple images, each analyzed image is charged separately.
  • If you send two requests to recognize text on the same image, you will be charged for two units. This makes sense when a text is written in languages from different language models (for example, Arabic and Hebrew).
  • Only successful analysis attempts are chargeable. You will not be charged if the server returned an error or the request configuration was incorrect.

Face detection and image classification are free of charge during the Preview stage.


Feature Rate for the billable unit, without VAT
Text recognition $0.01538461
Feature Rate for the billable unit, with VAT
Text recognition ₽0.1200