Pricing for Yandex DataLens

In DataLens, you pay for:

  • The number of ten-minute sessions to the data source. The session considers requests from charts and dashboards.
  • The size of the database for materialized data.
  • Additional DataLens features.

The number of sessions, the database size for materialized data, and the list of available features are determined by the monthly billing plan. You can choose one of the following plans: Free or Standard.

The plan applies to the folder where the DataLens instance is located.


Additional DataLens features that are available in Marketplace don't affect the selected plan and are paid separately.

Prices and features

Service Free Standard
Monthly price Free $24.358974
Number of sessions per month 1000 10,000
Additional sessions,
per 10 sessions.
- $0.024358
External sessions multiplier x 10 x 10
Database size for materialized data, GB 0.5 10
Geocoding -
Service Free Standard
Monthly price Free ₽1900
Number of sessions per month 1000 10,000
Additional sessions,
per 10 sessions.
- ₽1.90
External sessions multiplier x 10 x 10
Database size for materialized data, GB 0.5 10
Geocoding -


Sessions are ten-minute periods when the user makes requests to a data source. For example, a user updates charts and dashboards and builds custom requests in the wizard.


The session starts with a data request and ends when there are no new requests for at least ten minutes. The time difference between the first and last request is rounded up to ten minutes.

The session is calculated based on the user activity in the folder. If multiple users are working in the same DataLens instance at the same time, the service counts multiple sessions. If one user is working in multiple DataLens instances at the same time, the service calculates sessions in these instances independently of one another.

Session types

In DataLens, sessions are categorized as internal or external:

Session type Data source
Internal Materialized datasets
CSV connection
Metrica Logs API
AppMetrica Logs API
Managed databases in Yandex.Cloud:
- Managed Service for ClickHouse
- Managed Service for PostgreSQL
- Managed Service for MySQL®
External Any data source that is not related to Yandex or Yandex.Cloud.

How sessions are calculated

Each plan determines the number of internal sessions available. If a session has at least one request to an external data source, the whole session is considered external.

External sessions are calculated using the x 10 multiplier. This means that each external session is counted as ten internal sessions.

For instance, a dashboard contains some charts that request a materialized dataset and a single chart that requests an external data source.

When this kind of dashboard updates, the session is considered external.

The session doesn't consider requests from:

  • The preview window in datasets.
  • Public dashboards and charts.

Materialized data

A materialized data quota is available for each DataLens instance.

The quota includes:

  • Dataset preview data.

  • Materialized dataset data.

  • Materialized connection data.

  • Geocoding result caching data.


    The geocoding result cache is stored for 30 days.

Enabling a billing plan

To activate a billing plan, go to your billing account and select the desired plan. The period starts on the date when the DataLens instance is created. You're charged for the plan on the first day of the period.

If you created a billing account in the cloud, then the DataLens instance automatically switches to the Free plan. Until you create a billing account, the DataLens instance remains in demo mode.

If you created a DataLens instance on January 31, the next charge would occur on February 28 (or February 29 if it's a leap year).

Switching plans

You can switch from the Free to the Standard plan at any time. When you switch plans, the period starts the day the plan is switched.

So if you go from the Standard plan to the Free plan, the new plan and period would come into effect when the paid period under the Standard plan ends. In this case, the start date of the new period becomes the date the Standard plan ends.

Automatic session renewal

Under the Standard plan, you can set up automatic session renewal. To do this, you should specify your planned budget in the billing account.

Automatic session renewal isn't available in the Free plan. If you reach the session limit or the DB size limit for this plan, you can switch to the Standard plan.


If you reach a limit under your plan, DataLens automatically blocks the instance.

When an instance is blocked, you can't:

  • Create new connections or datasets.
  • Request data from a dataset.
  • Request data from the wizard or dashboard.
  • Materialize dataset data.
  • Use geocoding.

However, you can view object settings and create new charts and dashboards.

If Yandex.Cloud can't withdraw the amount to pay for your plan, it blocks access to your DataLens instance.