Quotas and limits

    Managed Service for MongoDB has the following limits:

    • Quotas are organizational restrictions that can be changed by technical support on request.
    • Limits are technical restrictions due to the Yandex.Cloud architecture specifics. The limits cannot be changed.

    You can view your current account quotas in the management console.


    Type of limit Value
    Number of clusters per cloud 8
    Total number of processor cores for all DB hosts per cloud 8
    Total virtual memory for all DB hosts per cloud 32 GB
    Total storage capacity for all clusters per cloud 200 GB


    Type of limit Value
    Lowest host class s1.nano (1 vCPU, 4 GB RAM)
    Highest host class s1.xlarge (32 vCPUs, 128 GB RAM)
    Maximum number of hosts per cluster MongoDB 5
    Maximum storage capacity for a cluster MongoDB 512 GB