listParts method

Returns a list of already uploaded parts for the specified multipart upload.

The response may contain no more than 1,000 elements. If there are more parts in the multipart upload, Object Storage returns the IsTruncated marker and the NextPartNumberMarker element. The remaining elements can be obtained via consecutive requests with the part-number-marker parameter set to NextPartNumberMarker from the previous request.


GET /{bucket}/{key}?uploadId=UploadId HTTP/1.1

Path parameters

Parameter Description
bucket Name of the bucket.
key Object key.

Query parameters

You can change a response from Object Storage using the parameters described in the table below.

Parameter Description
encoding-type Encoding of server responses.

Object Storage can encode responses in the format requested by the client.
max-parts The maximum number of elements in a response per request.

By default, 1000.
part-number-marker Number of the part to start a response from.

Object Storage will only include in the response the parts whose numbers are greater than the one specified.
uploadId ID of multipart upload.

Only the uploadId parameter is required.


In a request, use the necessary common request headers.



A response can only contain common response headers.

Response codes

For a list of possible responses, see Responses.

A successful response contains additional data in XML format with the schema described below.

Data schema

<ListPartsResult xmlns="">

Possible response tags are described in the table below.

Tag Description
ListPartsResult Root element of the response.

Path: /ListPartsResult.
Bucket The bucket that the multipart upload belongs to.

Path: /ListPartsResult/Bucket.
Encoding-Type Encoding in which Object Storage provides a key in the XML response.

Appears if the client passed the encoding-type parameter in the request.

Path: /ListPartsResult/Encoding-Type.
Key The key the multipart upload is made for.

Path: /ListPartsResult/Key.
UploadId ID of the multipart upload.

Path: /ListPartsResult/UploadId.
Initiator Information about the user who initiated the upload.

Path: /ListPartsResult/Initiator.
ID User ID.

Path: /ListPartsResult/Initiator/ID.
DisplayName User name displayed.

Path: /ListPartsResult/Initiator/DisplayName.
StorageClass Object storage class: STANDARD or COLD.

Path: /ListPartsResult/StorageClass.
PartNumberMarker Number of the part after which the list begins.

The first item on the list has the number following the PartNumberMarker.

Path: /ListPartsResult/PartNumberMarker.
NextPartNumberMarker Number of the part the current list ends with.

Present if the entire list of parts does not fit in the response.

Path: /ListPartsResult/NextPartNumberMarker.
MaxParts Maximum list size per response.

Path: /ListPartsResult/MaxParts.
IsTruncated Flag indicating that a list is incomplete.

If IsTruncated is true, this means that Object Storage returned an incomplete list of parts.

Path: /ListPartsResult/IsTruncated.
Part Description of an upload part.

Path: /ListPartsResult/Part.
PartNumber Part number.

A unique integer ID that defines the part's position in the upload.

Path: /ListPartsResult/Part/PartNumber.
LastModified Date and time of a part's uploading.

Path: /ListPartsResult/Part/LastModified.
ETag ETag of the uploaded part.

Path: /ListPartsResult/Part/ETag.
Size Size of the uploaded part.

Path: /ListPartsResult/Part/Size.