Managed Service for OpenSearch now public

On January 23, the distributed search and analytics service entered General Availability. The service now supports third-party authentication and authorization (SAML) providers. It also has its own SLA and pricing.

On January 23, the distributed search and analytics service Yandex Managed Service for OpenSearch is now in General Availability.

Managed Service for OpenSearch is a managed cloud service, meaning you can create clusters in just a click and set up automatic redundancy and monitoring without needing to think about infrastructure fault tolerance or OS updates. Dashboard hosts are available in all OpenSearch cluster configurations with tools for analysis and visualization. We comply with the service’s SLA to guarantee stable operations. The public release also means that pricing rules have come into effect.

OpenSearch is an open-source systems that allows you to conduct full-text searches, analyze data and transfer it to other systems. In a world of increasing volumes of information and changing objectives, open-source code allows you to work on programming products together with the community and adapt faster to rapidly changing business needs.

Yandex Cloud

“Here at Yandex, we highly value open-source culture. So when we decided to develop a solution based on OpenSearch, we were interested first and foremost making a full-fledged, competitive product using exclusively free components, ” said Evgeny Arkhipov, Head of Managed Database Platform Development. “In the future, we plan to add to our platform native support for more ways of integrating the engine.”

After the release of the Public Preview in November, we expanded the set of operations with the cluster. Now standard operations with host groups are supported, as well as:

  • Restoring data from backups
  • Monitoring clusters, host groups, or individual hosts
  • using third-party authentication and authorization providers (SAML)

These changes make it possible to create clusters with complex topologies: one cluster can include several host groups with different roles and characteristics. This will allow you to choose the optimal configuration for each task.

Eugeniy Arhipov
Head of Managed Elasticsearch, Mongodb, Redis and Clickhouse Platform Development in Yandex Cloud.

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Start using the service


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Pricing and SLA for Managed OpenSearch
Managed Service for OpenSearch now public
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