Yandex Cloud Backup is now public

We introduce new features: file-by-file recovery, complete data recovery and recovery to a new VM.

On September 11, 2023, the service for creating backups of virtual machines Yandex Cloud Backup was made public. now in General Availability, with the SLA and pricing now in effect.

In addition to the existing backup and recovery policies for virtual machines, additional features have appeared in the public version:

  • Complete data recovery.
    Yandex Cloud Backup allows you to save data from all applications and ensure their integrity by using the Cloud Backup agent in the guest OS.

  • File-by-file recovery.
    Recover individual files from backups to the appropriate directory of the current version of the VM.

  • Recover to a new VM.
    Now you can recover a backup copy to a new or existing virtual machine.

If it is impossible to restore the previous state of a current VM, you can restore its backup to a new VM.

We have expanded the service’s functionalities, including:

  • Terraform

  • enabling one-click backups when creating a VM

  • Windows Server 2019 и 2022 operational systems

  • working with the service via the YC CLI

  • registering events with policies and backups in Audit Trails.

These changes make it possible to conveniently and quickly configure backup and recovery, as well as security monitoring.

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Yandex Cloud Backup is now public
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