Terms and conditions for participating in the Yandex Cloud Boost loyalty program for software companies

  1. The Cloud Boost loyalty program (hereinafter referred to as the “Program”) from Yandex LLC (hereinafter referred to as “Yandex”) is designed to attract companies that develop software and digital products to, and retain them on, the Yandex.Cloud platform.

  2. Program participation is only available to Customers who have registered at Yandex.Cloud with a business account.

  3. The full list of privileges offered under the Program is available for new Customers.

  4. The following are considered new Customers:
    a. business account owners accessing Yandex.Cloud for the first time;
    b. customers who have not used Yandex.Cloud (paid or trial) services within the last 32 days.
    c. Yandex.Cloud customers that do not match the description provided in par. 4 may become a member of the Program and gain access to all privileges thereof, except those described in par. 7.1.

  5. Participants in the program for software companies that are active until the launch of the Program automatically (without needing to submit a request to participate in the Program from the Website) become Program participants and gain access to the privileges thereof pursuant to the following:
    a. Participants in the Trial period gain access to all privileges except those described in par. 7.1.1. and 7.1.2.
    b. Participants who switch to the paid version before the launch of the Program gain access to all the privileges thereof, except those described in par. 7.1.

  6. Yandex provides Program participants a status based on the results of Customer’s application submitted from the Website, provided that Customer registers a business account on the Platform. Upon review of the application, Yandex sends information regarding their decision to the address specified by Customer when submitting the application from the Website or when registering on the Yandex.Cloud Platform.

  7. Program privileges for Customers:
    7.1. Extended Grant. The client is issued an extended Grant of up to USD 12.280 (including VAT). The Grant consists of two parts:
    7.1.1. USD 625 (including VAT), which can be spent on Infrastructure Services*,
    7.1.2. USD 1.875 (including VAT), which may be spent on DATA STORAGE & ANALYTICS, CLOUD-NATIVE services. Grant length: 60 (sixty) calendar days.
    For the period from 01.04.2020 to 30.09.2021, the Program provides for the possibility of the Client to receive an additional Grant of up to USD 9.780 (including VAT), calculated as USD 2.445 (including VAT) for infrastructure Services and USD 7.335 (including VAT) for DATA STORAGE & ANALYTICS and CLOUD-NATIVE Services for a period of 2 months starting the date of their initial provision.
    7.1.3. If Customer switches to the paid version within two months of receiving Program participant status, Customer is granted a 20% discount on service costs for DATA STORAGE & ANALYTICS, CLOUD-NATIVE services for a period of 1 (one) year.
    7.2. Individual consultations provided by platform architects.
    Customer is entitled to receive 1 hour per month of consultation with a Yandex.Cloud architect or engineer regarding the construction of a cloud architecture. Consultation format: online (Skype/Zoom/Telegram, etc.). The date and time of such consultations are set as agreed upon between Customer and a Yandex.Cloud manager. Customer may participate in regular group consultations (from 1 to 15 people). Consultation format: online (Skype/Zoom/Telegram, etc.). The date and time are set by Yandex and Customer is notified thereof by a Yandex.Cloud manager.
    7.3. Customer is provided access to a technical preview of new Yandex.Cloud services in Preview mode. Yandex determines the mechanism for adding Customer to closed testing and this information is communicated to Customer by a Yandex.Cloud manager.
    7.4. Free technical support:
    7.4.1. Business hours: 10:00-22:00, 7 days a week
    7.4.2. Communication channels: email, chat from user account, and Telegram chat
    7.4.3. Response time
    — a. Initial response: instant.
    — b. Additional response times: for normal requests (consultation) — up to 8 hours during business hours. For critical requests: up to 2 hours during business hours.
    — с. Chat: 15 minutes.
    7.4.4. Questions and tasks that Customer can contact Yandex.Cloud technical support regarding:
    a. Get information about issues related to billing.
    b. Restore access to the management console.
    c. Ask general questions like “How does this work?” and “What is this?” in relation to Yandex.Cloud services and functions.
    d. Request links to documentation.
    e. Get answers to frequently asked questions.
    f. Request consultation or assistance in setting up Yandex.Cloud services.
    7.4.5. Effective February 1, 2021, the “Standard” free level of technical support under p. 7.4. is provided to all effective Program members up to and including January 31, 2022. Effective February 1, 2022, the “Basic” free level of technical support shall be provided to all Program members affected by this paragraph.
    7.4.6. Effective February 1, 2021, the “Standard” free level of technical support under p. 7.4. is provided to each new Program member for 1 (one) year, starting on the date such client receives the status of Program member. The “Basic” free level of technical support shall be provided to such Program member starting one year after said member receives the status of Program member.

  8. Yandex has the right to revoke Customer’s Program participant status at any time if Customer violates the obligations set forth in the Yandex.Cloud Platform Service Terms of Use. Yandex sends notification of Program participant status termination to Customer’s email address effective immediately.

  9. Yandex may terminate the Program or change its terms and conditions at any time. Such information is published on the Website in the Blog section.

  10. Capitalized terms used in this document, unless otherwise specified in the text, have the meanings given in the offer, published at: https://yandex.ru/legal/cloud_oferta/.

✻ The list of Infrastructure Services is available at: https://cloud.yandex.com/services/