RedDatabase DBMS 3.0 Enterprise Edition

Updated September 2, 2022

Red Database DBMS is a modern open-source industrial DBMS that is not inferior to the industrial DBMS, developed by the leaders of the world database market. Engine of the RedDatabase is based on world famous DBMS Firebird. It is included in the Russian Unified Register of Russian Computer Software and Databases. Red Database DBMS is certified by FSTEC of Russia.


  • Support of the Standard SQL-2008
  • True SMP architecture of SuperServer
  • Sync and async replication
  • HA cluster
  • Real-time monitoring of preformance and events
  • Audit of privileges changes
  • Authentication via LDAP/AD/GSSAPI
  • Full text search support
  • Autonomous transactions
  • 64-bits transaction counter
  • Incremental backup
  • Online database validation
  • Global temporary tables
  • User defined procedure, functions and triggers
  • Window functions
  • Extended set of builtin functions
  • Support of Java routines
  • Integrity control of executable files

DBMS Red Database has 5 security class according to the Guiding Document “Computer facilities. Protection against unauthorized access to information. Indicators of security against unauthorized access to information”
As well as the 4th level of control according to the Guiding Document “Protection against unauthorized access to information. Part 1. Information security software. Classification by the level of control of the absence of undeclared capabilities.


  • Administration Tools
  • Hiding stored procedure and function code
  • Task Scheduler
  • Stored procedures, functions, triggers (built-in PSQL, Java, API to add others)
  • Embedded architecture without a dedicated server
  • All types of reserve accommodation
  • Support for events about events in the database


  • Multi-factor authentication
  • CryptoPro support
  • Role based access control
  • Access control to DML and DDL Operations
  • Access control to services (you can assign rights to start a line of services)
  • Audit of databases and DBMS servers
  • Security policy
Deployment instructions

Design, development and administration of databases. Development of effective OLTP and OLAP applications, as well as hybrid applications that use both analytical and interactive transaction processing simultaneously.

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Use cases

One of the key Firebird features is its multi-generational architecture, which enables the development and support of hybrid OLTP and OLAP applications. This makes a Firebird database capable of serving simultaneously as both an analytical and an operational data store, because readers do not block writers when accessing the same data under most conditions.

May apply:

  • in state information systems (GIS) up to the first class of security inclusive;
  • to protect information in personal data information systems (ISPD) up to the first level of personal data security inclusive.
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