1C:Enterprise 8.3

About the product/Product’s information

Prepared image of the 1C application server Enterprise 8×64 powered by Linux operating system for an easy and fast deployment of the 1C infrastructure in Yandex.Cloud.
It can be used as an application server or a separate 1C license server.

Software configuration:

  • Pre-installed 1C application server Enterprise 8 stable release.
  • Pre-installed Ring tool for the automatic control of 1C software licenses (acquisition, updating, and verifying license information).
  • Pre-configured monitoring of the licenses of 1C: Enterprise 8 with the automatic reactivation in case of failures or migration of the virtual machines.
  • Installability of additional 1C packages to expand the server functionality.

The image does not include the 1C software licenses itself — you can purchase them additionally, as well as transfer your own existing licenses.
Using this image will allow you not to depend on parameter variations of RAM and CPU in case of automatic migration of the virtual machines or its manual resizing.

Additional features

  • script for the licenses activation via 1C web service;
  • tool for monitoring the status of the licenses with the possibility of automatic re-activation.

Benefits of using an image to deploy a separate license server of 1C: Enterprise 8

  • Does not require additional licenses for the 1C application server.
  • Central storage of all licenses.
  • Client licenses are distributed to all application servers. You can use one key instead of several for each server.
  • The hardware requirements of the license server are low, which means that the key parameters will not constantly change. It will minimize the probability of malfunction of the licenses.
  • Reinstalling or connecting a new application server does not require re-activation of the license.
  • To restore the server operation, it is enough to have a backup copy at the time of the last license activation.
Billing type
Business applications
Use cases
  • Application server 1C: Enterprise 8
  • License server 1C: Enterprise 8
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Billing type
Business applications