NEWYandex Cloud Functions

Yandex Cloud Functions enables you to run code as a function in a secure, fault-tolerant, and automatically scalable environment without creating or maintaining virtual machines. The service allocates resources to run functions based on parameters set in the code.
  • Serverless computing
    Yandex Cloud Functions provides the resources required to call functions without creating virtual machines. Software and runtime environments are installed, maintained, and administered entirely on the Yandex.Cloud side.
  • Function execution log
    Yandex Cloud Functions tracks and logs information about function calls and analyzes execution flow and performance. You can also describe logging mechanisms in your function code.
  • Flexible scaling
    When the number of function calls increases, the service automatically scales up and creates additional function instances. All functions run in parallel.
  • High availability
    Yandex Cloud Functions provides high availability and fault tolerance. The runtime environment is hosted in 3 availability zones. This ensures availability even if a zone fails.
    With triggers, you can configure integration between different services and Yandex Cloud Functions. For example, you can set the integration with Yandex Message Queue and call a function each time a message enters a queue. Integration can be set up from the management console, CLI, or API without any code.

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