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Break down language barriers using Yandex Translate.
Use this service to translate automatically between more than 90 different languages. Remove language barriers on your website or in your mobile application. Use this service to translate whole documents or single words instantaneously. Add your own glossary to customize the translations.
Powered by Yandex Translate’s state-of-the-art neural machine translation technology.
  • More than 90 languages + automatic language detection
    Yandex Translate allows you to translate between more than 90 different languages. Our API can also automatically identify the language of your request if necessary.
  • Hybrid system
    Yandex Translate combines a state of the art neural machine translation architecture with custom outlier detection algorithms and novel data augmentation techniques. This allows us to provide fluent and reliable translations across a broad range of domains.
  • Continuously improving quality
    Leveraging Yandex’s substantial web indexing infrastructure, Yandex Translate is continually being trained on new parallel translation data, ensuring that our quality improves and that our translations remain fresh. The service is offered with no-trace as default; no customer data will be written to persistent storage or used for training purposes.

Yandex Translate API demo

Use cases

  • Services that involve cross-cultural communication should include tools to facilitate understanding texts in different languages. This may include communication between different users or audiences, like employee-to-customer, agent-to-advertiser, etc. When messages are translated by Yandex Translate, everyone can read the message thread in their own language.

  • Create your website in one language, and then immediately add versions for more languages. Make your products or services available to multinational audiences country-wide or world-wide.

  • Help customers who publish text content on your service to attract more loyal followers. For example, short blog posts can be released in Russian and English in parallel, without the need to translate the content manually.

  • Companies offering translation and localization services can substantially reduce the employee effort by pre-translating texts with Yandex Translate.

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