Service accounts

A service account is an account that can be used by a program to manage resources in Yandex.Cloud via the API.

What are service accounts used for?

By using service accounts you can flexibly configure access rights to resources for programs you have written.

For example, you have a program for tracking VM statuses. This program only needs to have the right to view (the viewer role), but the program runs under your name and you have the right to delete VMs.

To prevent your program from accidentally deleting a VM, create a service account and grant it view-only access.

A service account is a resource. You can assign and revoke users' roles for a service account so that these users can manually create authorization keys.

Service accounts should be used when performing operations as a normal user is either inconvenient or unsafe.

Service account keys

The following keys are used for service account authentication in Yandex.Cloud:

Generated keys belong to the service account and permissions to manage them are inherited from the service account. For example, if you have the viewer role in the service account, you can view the list of keys that belong to this account, but you cannot delete them or create new keys.

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