Yandex Distributed Cloud

Yandex Distributed Cloud is based on Yandex Cloud platform services and technology solutions both in a public cloud and the customer’s premises.

Expand your IT landscape
The cloud can logically extend any company’s IT perimeter, providing high availability for digital services along with the required level of data confidentiality and integrity.
Access to cutting-edge technology
A comprehensive cloud solution includes IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS and is developed alongside the public Yandex Cloud due to a common code base. A single-vendor solution guarantees high service compatibility.
Build a safe environment
Yandex Cloud ensures information security jointly with the customer using a transparent shared responsibility model. The services are provided in accordance with their description and SLA.

Dedicated region

Dedicated region is a product for large distributed organizations that are very demanding in terms of the physical location of their data and computing resources. Yandex Cloud deploys platform services using its own hardware in the locations specified by the customer and enables them to integrate these services with the public cloud using a hybrid model.

Hybrid use cases for Yandex Cloud services

Yandex Managed Service for Kubernetes®

With Managed Service for Kubernetes, you can connect your servers hosted outside Yandex Cloud as Kubernetes cluster nodes.

Yandex SpeechKit

SpeechKit Hybrid lets you isolate sensitive data flows without giving up the advantages of the cloud.

Coming soon…

We continue to develop hybrid scenarios in other services, as we want as many companies as possible to use them.