Terms and conditions of participation in the “Educational Institution Digitalization Support Program”

  1. The Educational Institution Digitalization Support Program (hereinafter — the Program) is organized by Yandex.Cloud LLC, located at office 528, 16 Lev Tolstoy st., Moscow, 119021.

  2. The objective of the Program is to support the activities of higher and secondary education institutions in digitalization and building a digital educational environment.

  3. The Program is conducted from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023.

  4. Participation in the Program is open only to state budgetary or autonomous institutions of higher education with a valid license for educational activities in the Russian Federation (hereinafter — the “Institution”).

  5. As part of the Program, a Grant is issued to an account created in the name of a legal entity without a valid backup agreement for services in Yandex.Cloud.

  6. The Grant amount is determined by the Organizer individually, based on the maximum established amounts.
    6.1. Expanded Grant. An Applicant is provided with an extended Grant of up to 200,000 rubles, including VAT. The duration of the Grant is sixty (60) calendar days.
    6.2. During the period from March 01, 2022 to December 31, 2022 the Program offers the Customer an opportunity to receive an additional Grant of up to 800 000 rubles (including VAT).
    6.3. Prerequisites for the issuance of an additional Grant:
    — During the first 2 months of the Trial Period, the Client should spend the standard Grant of 200 000 rubles.
    — Successful completion by the Client of an additional interview with the program manager and/or architect.
    — Yandex reserves the right to refuse to issue an additional Grant without explaining the reasons, as well as to change the validity term of this offer.

  7. After the end of the Program, the Client may receive a discount on Yandex.Cloud platform services aoccrding to the conditions described at https://cloud.yandex.com/en-ru/edu-offer-20/terms.

  8. As part of the Program, the Client can receive 1 hour per month of consultation with Yandex.Cloud architect or engineer on building a cloud architecture. Format of the consultation: online. The date and time of the consultation are set by agreement between the Client and Yandex.Cloud manager.

  9. Free technical support of the Standard level is available to the Client as part of the Program:
    — Working hours: 10.00-22.00, 7 days a week.
    — Channels of contact: email, chat in the personal account and/or chat in Telegram.
    — Response time: the first response is instant. Meaningful response time: mail.
    — For ordinary requests (consultation) — up to 8 hours during working hours.
    — For critical inquiries: up to 2 hours during working hours.
    — Chat: 15 minutes.
    9.1. Questions and tasks for which the Client may contact Yandex.Cloud technical support:
    a. Consultations on issues related to Billing.
    b. Restoring access to the Management Console.
    c. Consultations on general questions like “How does it work?” and “What is it?” about the Services and Yandex.Cloud functionalities.
    d. Requesting links to documentation.
    e. FAQ consultations.
    f. Consultations and assistance in configuring Yandex.Cloud services. Yandex.Cloud technical support engineers do not solve the following categories of tasks — software code development, debugging of Yandex.Cloud client’s own software.

  10. Yandex may at any time revoke the Client’s status as a Program Participant if the Client violates the obligations set forth in the agreement on the use of Yandex.Cloud platform resources.

  11. Yandex notifies of the termination of participant status by sending a notification to the Client’s email address with immediate effect.

  12. If the Participant’s payment account is in the SUSPENDED or payment_required status for at least 30 calendar days, Yandex has the right to revoke the Participant status, with prior notification sent at least 30 calendar days in advance to the Participant’s e-mail address specified in the Management Console.

  13. Yandex has the right to terminate the Program or change its terms and conditions at any time. Relevant information is posted in the Blog section of the Website.

  14. Capitalized terms used herein, unless otherwise expressly indicated in the text, have the meanings ascribed to them in the offer at: https://yandex.ru/legal/cloud_oferta/.