Yandex SpeechKit

Speech technologies based on machine learning to create voice assistants, automate call centers, monitor service quality, and perform other tasks. Leverage the advanced technology behind the wildly successful Alice voice assistant, now ready for use in your business.

Instant speech recognition

In a fraction of a second, SpeechKit accurately recognizes speech, allowing our clients' voice assistants to communicate quickly and easily.

Realistic voices

Every phrase generated by Yandex SpeechKit sounds natural thanks to human-like pronunciation and real-time speech synthesis.

SpeechKit Brand VoiceNew

Choose the right version for you: the full version creates a smart voice assistant while the adaptive version gives your brand a unique voice in just a month.


Yandex SpeechKit helps improve customer service by analyzing 100% of calls. Get your ear to the ground to keep your business processes ahead of the competition.

Transparent pricing

You have full control over your expenses, with costs for audio recognition calculated based on the length of the track, and speech synthesis by character count.

SpeechKit HybridNew

A solution for the most demanding customers who need to control speech processing and synthesis within their own infrastructure.

For your business tasks

Call center automation

Automate your call center with Yandex Cloud: boost call processing efficiency, improve customer experience, and cut costs. Russian companies leading in the call center automation market use Yandex SpeechKit technology in their productS.


Increase engagement and keep users informed. Yandex SpeechKit technology lightens the load on call center operators, accelerates telemarketing campaigns, and raises conversion rates. Their effectiveness soars with the new SpeechKit Brand Voice Adaptive feature.

Smart voice assistants

Create your unique voice assistant to tackle up to 80% of your customer requests. Our technology helps you create a knowledgeable and friendly expert. Add a unique voice for your brand with SpeechKit Brand Voice Full technology.

SpeechKit Hybrid

SpeechKit’s ML models can now be deployed to your infrastructure. We offer both hybrid options and 100% on-premise deployments for sensitive traffic.

A unique voice for your brand with SpeechKit Brand Voice

A distinct voice that fits your brand’s communication strategy. We can create a voice synthesis based on your speaker with exclusive access to the voice model for use with:
Voice assistants
Sophisticated dialogs
Non‑standard cases

Robotic voice assistants are very flexible in terms of development and cheaper than alternative solutions, all things considered. Most importantly, our customers love our solution: 90% of users are satisfied with their online banking support experience.
Ilya Shchirov,
Head of Support Channel Automation, Raiffeisenbank
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How do I use Yandex SpeechKit?

The service runs via the HTTP API. You can find instructions for using the service in the documentation and either start using the service yourself or contact us. We’ll help you find a partner that will develop a solution specifically for your project.

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